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We are a strategic HR consulting firm that empowers businesses to achieve sustainable success through tailored solutions for talent, workforce optimization, and organizational culture.

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Welcome to Adeptise, your trusted HR consulting partner. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your HR needs, including talent acquisition, performance management, employee engagement, HR policy development, HR systems implementation, compensation administration, and more. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we empower organisations to build a thriving workforce, foster employee satisfaction, ensure compliance, and drive strategic HR initiatives. Partner with Adeptise to unlock the full potential of your human resources and achieve sustainable growth.


Unlock talent, drive performance, cultivate engagement, ensure compliance, streamline operations, nurture wellness, navigate change, and achieve strategic growth with our comprehensive suite of HR services and consulting expertise. Tailored solutions, data-driven insights, and sustainable results for your organization's success.

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Unleash exceptional talent. Our precision-driven Talent Acquisition services connect you with the rare individuals who embody excellence, transforming your organization's workforce.


Performance and Development

Ignite exceptional performance. Our Performance and Development services unlock the full potential of your employees, fostering a culture of continuous growth and driving remarkable results.


Employee Relations and Engagement

Our Employee Relations and Engagement services foster collaborative cultures, proactive conflict resolution, and compliance expertise to build trust, engagement, and positive employee experiences


HR Policy and Compliance

Empowering organisations with effective HR policies. Our HR Policy and Compliance services offer customised policy frameworks, compliance expertise, clear communication, and comprehensive support for policy rollout.


Total Rewards and Compensation

Strategic planning, tailored benefits, administration, compliance, and employee communication. Attract, retain, and engage top talent with competitive and comprehensive programs


HR Systems and Analytics

Empowering organizations with advanced HR systems and analytics. Tailored solutions, implementation excellence, optimization, training, and support. Streamline HR operations, unlock data-driven insights.


HR Operations and Process Improvement

Optimising HR operations for success. Process assessment, automation, standardisation, and continuous improvement. Streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and elevate the employee experience.


Employee Wellness and Safety

Nurturing employee well-being for a thriving workforce. Comprehensive assessments, tailored programs, and engaging initiatives. Enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness.



Discover the success stories and experiences of our satisfied clients. From talent acquisition to HR strategy consulting, read how we've helped organisations unlock their potential and achieve remarkable results. Trust us as your strategic HR partner.

Bhuvan Sharma

Partner Development Manager @ Microsoft

One of such rare professionals is Britto. Throughout my amazing business association with him and his organization, I have personally learnt what really makes a business partnership truly successful. And at the core of that recipe resides the most important ingredient. Its the "people" Britto.

Prem Kumar


Britto was a great partner for us as we explored scenarios to add operational efficiency to his organization through technology. He always has his team and his customer in mind and was relentless in ensuring new initiatives he invested in would produce maximum outcome to both these groups. I loved working with Britto.

John Rejish

Senior Director - Delivery, Project Solutions

Britto has surely left us a remarkable legacy. I am inspired by his passion, energy, and zeal. He has always been very approachable, mentored and coached many team members. He will undoubtedly be a great asset to any company he works for. I highly recommend him.

Cameron Briggs

Head Of Sales at

Britto is a true professional, and it has been an honour to have both met and worked with him over the past few years. Britto has outstanding knowledge of the industry, and is always clear and concise with the goals he is looking to achieve. I look forward to many more years of working with Britto!

Sam Enoch

Associate Director at HTC Global Services

Britto is an excellent L&D professional with great attention to detail. His ability to come up with training strategies that directly address the need of the hour along with his knowledge on IT recruitment industry makes him a valuable add to any organization that is looking to strengthen their workforce.